AM WALLGRABEN Moers Living and working at the Moersbach

As a townscape-defining element of the historic fortifications, the Moersbach encloses the center of the Lower Rhine city of Moers. For the development of two key properties in the northern part of the ramparts, BLB conducted a multi-stage bidding process in 2019 and decided to sell the properties to bema Group – the competition winner of the process.

The aim of the project: We want to take advantage of the central location of the moat in the city center, preserve the networked path structure of the historic area along the Moersbach – and thus design an attractive urban open space, combined with appealing architecture and suitable uses. For the construction planning concept, the two plots offer a potential area of around 18,300 m2 and space for a wide range of design options, from commercial to residential concepts.

In consultation with the city of Moers, we have developed a utilization concept and presented it to the city council. It is to serve as the basis for the development plan procedure.


11.798 m2

Gross floor area

18.300 m2